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Exploring the Illusion of Free Will - active table of contents

Published 12/02/2011

Please note that, as a cognitive psychologist, the author fully appreciates the power of repetition in facilitating the comprehension and integration of information, and unabashedly leads the reader through extensive review of the work's major themes and concepts.

George Ortega's brilliant and compelling book, Exploring the Illusion of Free Will, is likely to become an historic document. Where earlier attempts by relatively few authors have thus far failed to convince the global public that free will is an illusion, Ortega's edited transcript of the first 18 episodes of his pioneering Exploring the Illusion of Free Will weekly television series seems destined to succeed. Importantly, Ortega also describes how understanding the causal and unconscious nature of human will can help each of us overcome the blame, guilt, arrogance and envy that too often follow the erroneous free will conclusion, and help our world navigate the economic and climate-driven challenges of the coming decades. Not incidentally, in teaching humanity the true nature of human will, Ortega is guiding our species to a new, and emphatically evolutionary, causal will-conscious consciousness.

From the author: Because of the significance of this very likely world-changing book, I've chosen to, as much as possible and practical, not financially profit from it's sale. For my book to be listed on, Amazon's CreateSpace publishing service requires that I set my list price above $7.97, so I've set it to $7.98. I've also published a FREE online, downloadable, edition at Google Books and The Internet Archive. I'd like to publish for Kindle soon, and Amazon's policy requires that authors charge at least 99 cents for the Kindle edition. However, because I've contributed the online edition to the public domain, I'll hopefully be able to publish a free Kindle edition through one of the Internet libraries.

Year 2011
Language English
Collection exploringtheillusionoffreewill


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